"No event comes back."
Bertrand Russell

"There is a spectacle greater than the sea, it is heaven, there is a spectacle greater than heaven, it is the interior of the soul."
Victor Hugo

"The spectacle of the world resembles that of the Olympic Games: some shop there, others pay for themselves, others just watch."

Articles below concerning all kinds of sports, cultural, societal events etc ...

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The Great Vallouise Festival
Vallouise open-air market
Gap Tallard Air show
Freinet days in Vallouise
Altitude Jazz Festival
Altitude Jazz Festival 2018
Fartfeulu show at Vallouise Pelvoux (French Alps)
"Razzia" film by Nabil Ayouch
Coupe Icare
Nice Carnival
Combat naval fleuri Villefranche/Mer
Wind festival
Guides Feast
Half Marathon Névache Briançon
Concert Nino Soardi