A little air of paradise floats around this downhill ride that we propose to discover in the valley of Nevache, in the far north of the Hautes-Alpes (France). This with a video, photos but also an interactive 4K 360 ° video.

Take the shuttle and walk down the torrent

Rando Clarée NévacheThe narrow road, which from the village of Nevache leads to the end of the road just above the refuge of Laval, complicates the climb in personal car. There are shuttles during the summer that will transport you for the modest sum of 3 euros the single aisle or 4 euros the round trip. We advise you to arrive early to avoid long queues.
Arrived at the terminus, it is necessary to go down a few hundred meters along the paved road, a little lower than the chalets and the refuge of Laval, in order to cross on the right bank of Clarée. Recall here that being on the right bank of a watercourse means that by following the current we are on the right side of the bank.

The Clarée small river with clear water

The descent is then carried out for about 9 kilometers and 400 meters of negative elevation still on the right side of the stream to Nevache. It is necessary to count a small day of the departure of the village. The course can also be done by bike, snowshoe, ski touring or even cross-country skiing in winter. The snowy road turns into a groomed nordic ski trail.
A very idyllic first part, with all sorts of small valleys between trees and beautiful alpine lawns, illuminates the beginning of the walk. A very small chapel punctuates the walk at the so-called "Black Rock" chalets. You will find the road for a few tens of meters a little before the camping Argentière (not to be confused with the Argentière Bessée at the entrance to the valley of La Vallouise). A few wooden tables will allow you to picnic at the edge of the Clarée. La Clarée, a magnificent little stream between a large brook and a small stream, with the incredibly crystalline water probably at the origin of its name.
The most gourmands will stop a little lower at the cottage of the fruit (1861 m altitude) for a complete rest.

Video 4K 360° interactive

To enjoy the 360 ° feature, either use a recent computer or use most mobile phones or tablets using the YouTube app. It is then possible to move 360º in the video using your mouse or your fingers. Do not hesitate to choose in the YouTube settings 4K definition especially if your internet connection is good because this video weighs more than 1,2 Go.
Links Youtube https://youtu.be/-fZQAldysTM

The Fontcouverte waterfall

The Fontcouverte waterfall is a few hundred meters away. La Clarée makes a 90 degree turn a bit before and offers you here a beautiful beach feet in the water. The cascade of about fifteen meters high, seen from the nose, projects spray, which cool very pleasantly the air especially during the hot days of summer. Here we imagine the oxygenation of water for the delight of trout and other fish that are also the fame of this small river and the interest of fishermen.
The rest of the walk plunges to the village of Névache passing through the chalets of Lacha, then the bridge of Souchère. A small body of water, a few hundred meters from the Rately Bridge, precedes a kind of mini dam. The rest of the ride is less pleasant, and the arrival in the village of Nevache (1593 m) above is a real pleasure. The visit of the church is necessary as well as a few steps in the alleys. Several establishments offer local food (fondue and other raclette, donkey ears, not forgetting Champsaur salads, trout, grilled meat ...) or simply to taste (pies, pancakes and waffles ...). A bakery is also located on the side of the Church.

Nevache and the ride in classic video


Magic of the wild mountain

You will probably come across some marmots especially in the spring. Going up a little higher in altitude, herds of ibex will be observed through your binoculars, the massif of Cerces place of their relocation is located next door. Numerous raptors such as vultures, eagles or more exceptional bearded vultures hover in the sky for the pleasure of birdwatching local bird watchers https://paca.lpo.fr/

This hike, easy, very family atmosphere, downhill, calm and freshness will leave you an unforgettable memory. More experienced walkers will find the right shoe for hikes at altitude to long lakes and snakes, for example, or from numerous refuges in the valley (Laval, Buffère, Chardonnet, Ricou, Drayères ...).


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