A nice ski touring ride, in sealskin (synthetic) or snowshoe to discover a preserved place with a breathtaking panorama of Vallouise (French Alps)

Different track possible

The bravest can leave Vallouise at the level of the house of the Ecrins National Park or even from Les Vigneaux at the entrance to the valley. You then have to reach the foot of the Puy Saint Vincent ski resort, "protected from the winds". In the absence of an autonomous climb, bus shuttles and several car parks allow you to get there by motorized vehicle.

Video of the ride


From the bottom of the slopes at 1400 you have to go to the "Col de la Pousterle". Either through the many passages through the woods or by following the approaches to the cross-country ski trail. Always take care not to damage the work of the snow groomers, nor to disturb the cross-country skiers. You never know if it is really allowed to be on this track, suitable for vehicles outside winter. Do not hesitate to call the resort station for advice and info.
About 300 meters of vertical and positive elevation higher, you will find yourself at the "Col de la Pousterle" with already a beautiful view towards the Ecrins massif and the White Glacier. A stop is possible in comfort by taking advantage of the benches installed here.

On the way to the Oreac plateau

Head south, that is, towards the Fournel valley, after a few meters, squeezing to the right of the pass, find the forest track that goes up towards the plateau. Not to be confused with the other tracks that go up towards "Les Têtes", an area largely occupied by cross-country ski trails. 150 meters higher you will arrive at the edge of the ledge in a false rising amount. You must then move to the right (west) to reach the area overlooking the Tournou sector, the PSV 1600 station and especially the entire Vallouise valley, the Écrins massif and its legendary peaks (Les Bans, Ailefroides, Le Pelvoux, La Blanche etc.). You can see the summer view here.
Be very careful, the most open, panoramic area is on the edge of the steep cliff. This is where the Via Ferrata de Tournou ends. A fall would certainly be fatal. Hold your young children in the hand and keep a few meters away.

360 ° virtual tour of the ride

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Ski Oreac Puy Saint Vincent

The plateau is wild and unspoiled (you may come across chamois, hinds, foxes or even the wolf). It ends in a small jump of a hundred hundred meters in elevation which will transport you to the head of Oreac. Junction to the resort's ski slopes. The opportunity to ski down to 1600 or 1400 or even to Vallouise since the old track was restored to the foot of the valley.

It is, a priori, an easy walk of about 500 meters in elevation from Puy Saint Vincent 1400. But in mountain conditions, weather, risk of avalanche, traces etc ... can give surprises to at least experienced. If in doubt about your skills to follow this ride, we advise you to call on a professional of the mountain guide or guide type. Remember not to leave anything in your path and to respect the tranquility of the place.
Another article on this blog presents a panoramic photo in high definition on the Vallouise but taken in summer.

Panorama from Oréac edge

Fullscreen here https://www.ovalp.com/images/photos/hd/pano-oreac-hiver-o.html

Panorama from Oréac summit

Fullscrenn here https://www.ovalp.com/images/photos/hd/pano-tete-oreac-hiver-o.html


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