Mountain sports enthusiasts, we made a great descent of the Guisane in the Serre-Chevalier valley. At the end of July, the heat being stifling, we went in search of a refreshing activity. So we decided to focus on white water sports.

Rafting with Rafting experience

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Having little practice in this area, we surfed the net to find the best spot among a plethora of offers. After a few minutes of research, our choice fell on Rafting Experience which had the advantage of having a very explicit site and which offered multiple activities adapted to all levels (rafting, canoe-raft, airboat, hydro-speed , yoga paddling, etc.).

In addition, the company benefited from many positive opinions from its customers, which systematically generate a response from the boss Matthieu or from members of the team, a guarantee in our eyes of a certain respect and listening to the customer. Our choice fell on rafting to experience this moment with the family. So we called to discuss the different options that were offered to us and to book. This call was very constructive because after a few minutes of discussion, it allowed us to orient ourselves on the right level for our activity. We therefore chose the classic rafting descent.


On the way to adventure in the Guisane Valley

The whole family was very excited with for some a little anxiety at the idea of making this descent on the torrent which crosses the ski resort of Serre Che. We found the meeting place very easily (base camp where we gear up before departure). Positive point, it is very easy to park thanks to the many car parks present in the surroundings. The welcome on our arrival was great. We were taken care of immediately by all the staff, in order to equip ourselves correctly. First benevolent advice, first contact with our instructor and the other members of the structure. A good cool and dynamic atmosphere. Once equipped, on the way to reach the starting point upstream by shuttle. The opportunity to exchange a little longer to fully integrate the safety instructions and the different aspects of the descent, all this in a relaxed but very professional atmosphere.

Imminent departure to board the raft

Arrived at the boarding site, putting into practice the safety instructions on dry land with our instructor Nelly. Be careful to be very attentive, because rafting, although fun, remains a sport. It is not a “silly walk” where the participant is passive. Nelly does not mess with the safety instructions (reassuring!). Direction the river, before descending it, a little reminder in action of how we must perform the maneuvers in unison.

Six on the raft plus our instructor

Here we go, our descent begins quietly in order to take our marks. Nelly, who is also an ornithology enthusiast, gives us a live lesson on the different species of birds that inhabit the river. The descent is accelerating, we arrive at our first class 3 rapid from a distance of about 600m, the atmosphere until then schoolboy becomes studious, you have to row hard to avoid getting stuck, not easy to follow all the instructions that follow one another at lightning speed.

First obstacle successfully cleared, everyone is on board. Nelly takes the opportunity to let us be "captain" of the Raft for a few moments. Not easy to give the right instructions to properly maneuver the boat. After these few minutes of respite, we continue with the second class 3 rapid but with a length of nearly 2,000 meters. The rapid is stronger because the quantity of water is greater (tributaries), everyone is concentrated, we paddle hard. The end of the rapid is going well, some of us are starting to feel a little tired. Ultimate obstacle a fast class 4 blind, the heart accelerates, it plunges strongly and... guaranteed sensation. That's it, we've reached the end of this descent of about an hour and a half. The faces are radiant, the features a little drawn, we had a great time that will remain in our memories. We load the raft on the departure shuttle which joined us. Back to the life base where we will be able to admire our exploits in pictures. Last exchanges with Nelly and our traveling companions before returning.


A great whitewater experience in the northern Hautes Alpes

This time spent at rafting experience was really great. The team is top notch. We have to deal with real professionals, passionate. We really feel safe. We highly recommend Rafting Experience for white water activities. Note some interesting actions: the construction of cardboard boats, the adaptation of equipment for the practice of disabled people or even Yoga on the discover among others on their blog here

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