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Blogs and info in the Hautes Alpes

To be informed, to keep abreast of what is happening around you out of curiosity or interest. Find ideas, take an interest in others and their environment. We offer you a list of blogs, personal pages, high alpine social networking accounts, which occasionally deserve a little detour. A small list also more traditional local media and information flows available on the internet.

Get informed in the Hautes Alpes

Infos Hautes Alpes France

We recommend, of course, to come regularly to browse our blog Ovalp.com but also to visit the blogs listed below on this page. You will discover different angles of what the local press, held by the newspaper, proposes. These are often passionate about the territory that highlight it through all kinds of themes (heritage, nature, hiking, human, sport ...).
Text content, images, videos enrich the web without which it would be only a commercial space. The GAFA (Google, Amazon etc ... major of the web) are not mistaken not so much the content they serve as support. Modern webmarketing excels in expertise and calls it "content marketing" (Shakespeare's language marketing).
Texts and multimedia content must be really new, original and associated multimedia illustrations. The poverty of the web lies in repetitive copying and pasting, short texts, aggregators of various contents, symptomatic of a certain apathy. Content creation requires a certain amount of passion and takes time to be produced, realized, and put online, but you will be able to discover interesting discoveries ...

If you have any suggestions for additions, do not hesitate to let us know. We made the choice to present only "non-commercial" and "non-militant" blogs , somehow not having, directly, much to sell. For commercial or other activities do not hesitate to request an inscription in the section good addresses of Ovalp.com.

Hautes Alpes Blogs

Blog Hautes Alpes

Here is a list of some quality blogs about Hautes Alpes   :

  •   The blog de la bibliothèque dauphinoise : A bibliophile, Jean-Marc Barféty, passionate about the Hautes-Alpes makes us benefit from his finds and his collection through abstracts and presentations of books; classification by author or by book. A news section (blog) exciting and regularly fueled discoveries more surprising than the others.
  • Sylvie Damagnez : A nice blog full of unusual and varied topics. The architectural heritage rubs shoulders with nature and historical themes. Many articles and a nice interactivity with the readers. Original angles that come out of the classic tourist guide listing a series of places. Author Sylvie Damagnez offers a book for sale: "The Great Feast" composed of short stories and poems written by her hand.
  •   The refuge promontoire, huddled under the Meije, certainly in Isère but so close to the Hautes-Alpes, has a website / blog as an air bubble altitude. Nathalie and Fredi Meignan regularly publish articles in the form of a logbook embellished with photos and videos. The weather, the climbers passages, small and great moments of a life in high mountains, joys and misfortunes shape the life of the refuge to more than 3000 meters of altitude in the bottom of the massif of the Ecrins.
  • Vallouimages :  A complete site that visits every corner of the Hautes-Alpes, the author passionate about toponymy (origin of the names of places), geology, nivology etc..décrit and illustrated photos valleys and monuments (often religious) local and alpine. An online magazine offers feature articles including on local tourism development. A page Facebook leans on the site for the most punctual news.
  • Parole de Migrant : The Briançonnais and the Hautes-Alpes, border areas, with Italy see quite a few people arriving from Africa, the Middle East and Asia. By living in places where you will stay on vacation you will come across migrants, even if the term of refugees seems more appropriate. Your ideological, personal, political and human choices will lead you to call them political, humanitarian or economic refugees. A whirlwind of helping everyday, not always easy to exchange to discuss as they are discreet and simply crossing the road to northern Europe. An anonymous blog (?) Of support gives them an almost unfiltered voice on the web.
  •   The High Mountain rescue Platoon (PGHM) of Briançon is displayed on Facebook which makes it possible to follow the news of the relief in mountain. This is the page of the PGHM which works every other week with CRS mountain also based in Briançon.

The press of the Hautes Alpes

Medias Hautes Alpes

  • Dauphiné Libéré : The traditional Dauphiné Libéré which, like all the paper press, tries to sneak towards the digital mutation. Never easy to find an economic scheme in the universe at all free digital. Benefit from relays (locals) in every corner of the department allowing it to be continuously closer to the event but remains fairly and too classic in its editorial choices and in the manner of covering them including on their website.
  • D’ICI TV : A sacred local television project worn by Jean Marc Passeron for several years now. We can perhaps find the topics too "terroir" trend petanque with Jean Pierre Pernault on TF 1, sometimes filmed with limited means but we can only admire the work and perseverance of the entire team who holds the antenna at all costs with good humor. We imagine that it is not always easy to produce as much content on a daily basis. In the end you will find on your TV screen all the little local information that can better understand what is happening around you but also various magazines and varied (cooking, decoration, local dialect, word to the old, hidden camera, sport etc ...). The website deserves more readability and ergonomic improvements. Also available in radio version 90,2 Mhz
  • Alpes 1 : The radio also informs on the web without a lot of ambition or obviously of means but deserves a small fast passage if one wants not to miss anything of what happens in the Southern Alps.
  • Alpes et Midi : A legal announcement newspaper which also offers a magazine section (paying) that does not lack interest with angles and themes regularly original, illustrated with photo reportage.

The flow of information on the web

Hautes Alpes web flow

The Google News feed aggregates news from the press about the Hautes Alpes here.
The French search engine Qwant, alternative and promising a real protection of your privacy : Hautes Alpes news.

An aggregator, among many others, of social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flirck, Google Plus) on the #hashtag hautesalpes

The feeds by keywords directly via social networks, posting by relevance and not by date, the #hautesalpes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

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