The viewpoint of the three refuges (2350 meters) is located in the High Alps (Hautes Alpes, 05) in Pelvoux even if the start and most of the ride takes place in Vallouise. The lookout is located in the National Park Ecrins.

Belvedere three refuges (Ecrins ; French Alps)

Few infos

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  • About 650 meters climb from 1600 to 2350m.
  • 2 à 3 hours hiking
  • Warning: do not make the hike if snow is present because the risk of avalanche casting or in the corridors of slate or even elsewhere. In case of doubts about safety do not hesitate to make use of mountain professionals to support you.

This is a fairly uncrowded hiking with a beautiful view of the Massif du Pelvoux. Opportunity to see eagles, chamois, marmots etc ... depending on the season, time of day and your discretion ... From this point it is possible either with binoculars or with lynx eyes, see shelters of Sele (2511m above sea level, 4.7 km away), the Pelvoux (2700m above sea level, 3.6 km away) and Galcier Blanc (2542m above sea level and 7.7 km distance).

The panorama opens on the Sele Valley and the Valley of the Pré de Madame Carle from Ailefroide (1500m). The hike takes place from Puy Aillaud (1600 m), simply mount above the village along the ski lift and quickly branch off to the right (West) to the slopes of the resort of Pelvoux / Vallouise. Direction Western riding along the trail through the woods and in the mountain pastures. The signs pretty well now. The lookout is located on a small ridge (bulge) that rises to the Rouya (2750m), do not stop until the altitude of the viewpoint (2350m) otherwise you will not see the refuge of Sele.

Belvedere Trois Refuges 1
Belvedere Trois Refuges 2
Belvedere Trois Refuges 3
Belvedere Trois Refuges 4

Possibility to join the then Lake Puy Aillaud (2534; about + 200 vertical meters) and down in Puy Aillaud on the south side of the Blanche (2953m) .It will do more than stop in one of the two friendly bistro shower Puy Aillaud (Les Rhododendrons or F erme Hostel) for a drink or eat ... Note that it is possible to start from since the arrival of the chairlift station Pelvoux / Vallouise open in summer.

Panoramic HD photos from the three refuges belvedere

Panoramic photo below from 4 different pictures