Lake Puy Aillaud (2534 meters) is accessible in about 2 to 4 hours, depending on your pace, from the hamlet (1600 m) of the same name. This lake rounded measuring about 60 meters in diameter.

Hiking at Puy Aillaud Lake

Pano Lac Puy Aillaud 5w

Fews infos

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  • Around 934 mètres climb 1600 à 2534m.
  • 2 à 4 hours walk
  • Be aware about snow risks

It is located in the Vallouise area, next (few meters) of the National Park Ecrins. The lake is situated almost in the path leading to the summit of La Blanche (2953m), so it can serve nicely as an intermediate step in the climb or descent. This is a fairly popular summer hiking, without being over-popular, and winter ski touring (often made from the top of the ski resort of Pelvoux/Vallouise). A coffee break or lunch is imposed on the descent into one of two restaurants in the village. You can also make a round to the area of paragliding  takeoff Puy Aillaud / Vallouise (Pimouget sector), known for offering flying conditions protected from winds. The Vallouise valley is also nicknamed the "protected from the winds."

Lac Puy Aillaud 1
Lac Puy Aillaud 2
Lac Puy Aillaud 3
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Lac Puy Aillaud 6

This protection is of the highest massif of Ecrins over 400m meters (bar Ecrins 4102 m). Raptors, deer and marmots leave especially if you are watching morning and discreet. Depending on the season cow, sheep or goats may be on your way. A round to the old hamlet of Goubertes, in line with the Villard de Vallouise, will transport you to an almost alpine archeology adventure, in a wooded area before joining the pastures to the rise. The move by the three refuges belvedere is a great option that will not add much more effort at least in terms of altitude.