The small collar Anon is located between the Fressinière and Fournel valley. Both overlooking the Durance valley in the area of L'Argentière-la-Bessée (South France).

Hiking with view on the Durance river

The place is fairly busy but the view to the Durance valley worth. A detour to Lake Lauzes (a little lower) is a good idea to laze beside the water time to a picnic, a little reading or any other motivation.

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By strong north wind (mistral), gliders from the airport, close, Saint Crispin, just flirting with the trees to enjoy the local dynamic lift. The location is also convenient to bike or ski touring on the way to the head of the grapes (Têtes des raisins).

Video rando col d'Anon (France ; Hautes Alpes)

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Infos :

  • GPS localisation : N44.770076, E6.521194
  • Around one hour walk from Fressiniere