Monaco is atypical. This country (the second smallest in area after the Vatican) looks like a small New York (or Singapore) with its tall buildings nestled between the deep blue sea and the Alps. This contrast is pleasant, exotic.

Authentic or overrated ?

The city is composed of the modern part (the casino sector , Formula 1 circuit ) and the Rock where is the Prince's palace.
Tourism is the main activity of Monaco. The place may seem to some too overrated ( rhinestones and sequins , princely life news people etc ...) , but do not know the pleasure of a swim in the underwater Larvotto reserve , or time rest of the Japanese Garden ( always in the area of Larvotto ), or an overflight paragliding (from Mont Agel with landing on the beach! ). The streets around the market in the morning have a lot of charm. The town is very quiet and serene , critics find it bland and boring : you make your choice .

Many tours are available in both the cultural register (Grimaldi Forum , various exhibitions ) and scientific (Oceanographic Museum , exotic garden, Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology etc ...). Children will not be left with the discovery of the small zoo (unknown) in the district of Fontvieille.
The Mediterranean climate prints throughout the year on its Dolce Vita Monaco . The smells of pine and sea are never far away, especially in the early morning or cocktail hour (A " The Blue Note " by listening to Jazz ? )

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Whatever your tastes Monaco worth a visit because it is a unique and original place .

What to do and see : paragliding Mont Agel, take a look at luxury cars Casino Square, climb to the head of a dog , walk or sit on the western foothills of the Rock of Monaco ( between the Oceanographic Museum and the prince's Palace ), immerse in Larvotto , listening to blue Note jazz, go have a drink at the Vista palace at sunset to watch Monaco view from above, to afford a ride in a Ferrari in the city (with driver), forge the Metropole see shops or watches in Zegg & Cerlati etc ...

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