A nice tea room in the center of Turin between Piazza Castello and Piazza Carlo Alberto is worth a stop for a pastry or tea. A perfect place to get away for a few moments from the tumult and liveliness of the beautiful capital of Piedmont.

Baratti & Milano

Baratti & Milano TurinBaratti and Milano, named after its founders Ferdinando Baratti and Edoardo Milano, look like Viennese cafes; the antiquated atmosphere transports you to other times. Homemade pastries are usually served in front of hot chocolate, one of Turin's specialties. It looks like in the 19th century as the decor, made of chandeliers and drapes, corresponds to the date of creation of the establishment in 1874.
The Turinese clientele comes to share a moment with friends in front of a cafe while tourists passing by enjoy the show and the atmosphere. Prices are of course higher than in a neighborhood bar. A tea costs for example 7 euros (2018) but served in a large teapot and accompanied by a biscuit empapilloté. The friendly and efficient service contributes to the authenticity of the place.
A beautiful bookstore and press depot is just a few steps away, passing through the covered walkway "Galleria Subalpina". This is the "Luxemburg" bookstore; you will find most of the local and international press, the opportunity to spend a couple of hours alternating reading and observation of coffee life that changes according to the hours of the day.
Baratti Milano Turin Be careful not to try to come by car too close to the cafe which is located in the ZTL zone forbidden to cars of non-residents of the ultra center, at the risk of taking a pv.
Many points of interest in the surrounding area, such as visiting museums (Egyptian Museum, cinema or oriental arts), walks or shopping at the famous market of Turin or the opportunity to walk in the covered passages of the city.


Photos of Baratti & Milano coffee in Turin

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