A long valley on the other side of Chamonix, just east of Mont Blanc enjoying an Italian Dolce Vita atmosphere. Many centers of interest and natural places more majestic than the others allow you to spend a relaxing or dynamic stay.

Idea of stay in Val D'Aosta


Bard fort

Forti di BardComing from the megalopolises of Milan, Turin or even from the south of France, Fort Bard stands across the Aosta Valley.
The place, very massive and imposing was completely renovated a few years ago to be transformed into a place of culture. Beautiful exhibitions including photos (Magnum, YAB etc ...) will allow you a first stop, just to get back from the road and slowly but surely immerse yourself in a holiday atmosphere. It is also a place for seminars and congresses. The place deserves to inspire local Hautes-Alpes decision-makers and elected officials regarding the restoration of the Vauban forts, which dot the eastern Alps. The fort's website will give you all the information you need here http://www.fortedibard.it

Breuil Cervina

Continuing your walk to the west and therefore to Aosta and Courmayeur, you can go to see the Matterhorn and its southern faces that plunge to the beautiful ski resort of Breuil Cervina. The Rollin bump at 3,899 meters above sea level, the highest point of the ski area will allow you to observe the Alps from a unique point of view. This allows the winter to connect, without taking off his skis, the Swiss ski area of Zermatt. The place is steeped in history. The richness of the fertile plains of Piedmont, the cities of Milan and Turin is expressed here freely, for example through the hoarse metallic roars of sports cars (Ferrari and other Maserati ...).


AosteBack in the main valley, Aosta, the capital of the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta, deserves that you stop there. The central pedestrian street will give you the opportunity to stroll by visiting the shops all open until point of time (clothing, sporting goods, souvenirs, bookstore etc.) The atmosphere is family and popular. Many bars and restaurants dot the area. Do not hesitate to consult our recommendations on this subject at the bottom of this page. The remains of the Roman Theater still recently offered a pleasant sound and light in the summer, lying in the grass. Aosta, by its central position is convenient place of accommodation. Many rentals, hotels and campsites are of course available for rent. A trip to Switzerland to the Saint Bernard pass then Martiny and Sion will take you an hour and a half, change of scenery guaranteed.


The valley leading to the pretty village of Cognes is worth a visit. A beautiful view of the Gran Paradisio will then be offered to you. The village of Cognes is adorable and very touristy. In this sector, three ideas of activities: the botanical garden of Valtoney, the gondola "Grand Paradisio", ski resort in winter, to reach the panorama on the big Paradisio and finally the walk to the waterfalls of Lilaz.


The village of Courmayeur almost at the foot of Mont Blanc sweats Italian luxury, it is almost like Switzerland, it is a key place for the competitors of UTMB, great ultra trail consisting of the tour of the alpine massif running for 180 kilometers. The central street is much less alive than that of Aosta but deserves to take a few steps and even stop there for a drink.

A breathtaking view of Mont Blanc from Mont Chétif (2343m)

Val d'Aoste

A few hundred meters of elevation allow you to have a magnificent panorama on the eastern slopes of the Mont Blanc Massif with a view from the Col de la Seigne on the French border to Col Ferret to Switzerland. Mont Blanc Courmayeur (4748m), Mount Maudit (4465m), The tooth of the Giant (4013m), the Grandes Jorasses (4208m) will overhang their snowy peaks. Beware of access to Mount Chétif, rock falls in the area of the corridor before the summit currently seem to prohibit access to the summit.

The Valle d'Aosta is a good idea to stay, the climate thanks to the foehn, allows to practice many outdoor activities even when it is bad on the other side of the border in Haute Savoie. "Surprisingly" French as well as Italian serves as an official language which does not detract from the change of scenery or good mood transalpine.

Panorama HD Mont Blanc from Val D'Aoste

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Pano HD Est Faces Grandes Jorasse

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Mont Chétif virtual tour

Val d'Aosta photos

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Panorama Val Aosta

Pano Courmayeur (Val d'Aoste)
Panorama Mont Blanc Grandes Jorasse depuis le mont Chetif (Val d'Aoste)
Pano Grand Paradisio (Val d'Aoste)
Pano Cognes (Val d'Aoste)
Pano Forti Bard (Val d'Aoste)

On a aimé :
  • The breathtaking view of Mont Blanc and Grandes Jorasses.
  • The quality of the reception of the inhabitants and the professionals of the tourism.
  • The French-speaking islet aspect in Italy and the multicultural aspect that results from it.
  • The number and quality of tourist interest centers (cultural, sports, traditional, etc.).
  • The possibility of shining towards Chamonix, the Swiss valley of Martiny / Sion.
On a moins aimé :

The true highway corridor of European road transport that crosses the Valle d'Aosta.