Hautes Alpes France Wild Nature

  • Rafting at Serre Chevalier

    Rafting at Serre Chevalier

    Mountain sports enthusiasts, we made a great descent of the Guisane in the Serre-Chevalier valley. At the end of July, the heat being stifling, we went in search of a refreshing activity. So we decided to focus on white water sports.

  • Stroll in Auvergne at Lac Pavin

    Lac Pavin

    A short tour in Auvergne gives us the opportunity to offer you some pictures of the superb Lac Pavin

  • Wooden construction in Vallouise

    Wooden construction in French Alps

    A few words to recommend the work of Remi Fourcroy, who has just launched his carpentry, construction and woodwork business from Le Villard de Vallouise : Versant EcoBois.

  • Winter hike in Oréac

    Winter hike in Oréac

    A nice ski touring ride, in sealskin (synthetic) or snowshoe to discover a preserved place with a breathtaking panorama of Vallouise (French Alps)

  • Vallouise Church

    Vallouise Church

    Discover the Saint Etienne church in the heart of the alpine village of Vallouise. Interactive 360 ° virtual tours of the Church of Saint Etienne in Vallouise offer you an immersion in and around the building.

  • The Great Vallouise Festival

    Vallouise party

    Some pictures (photos and video) of the beautiful popular festival of Vallouise. A friendly and family atmosphere for two days of festivity for the pleasure of holidaymakers, high alpine and Vallouise inhabitant.

  • Hiking along the Clarée Valley (Névache)

    Hiking along the Clarée Valley

    A little air of paradise floats around this downhill ride that we propose to discover in the valley of Nevache, in the far north of the Hautes-Alpes (France). This with a video, photos but also an interactive 4K 360 ° video.

  • Refuge des Bans

    Walk to the refuge des Bans

    An accessible hike in a magical environment of wild mountains will take you to the refuge des Bans, hidden deep in the valley of the Vallouise. Discovery in 360 ° virtual tours and video...

  • Vallouise open-air market

    Vallouise open-air market

    Short walk to the outdoor market of Vallouise (all Thursdays) in the Hautes-Alpes (France). Quite confidential out of summer tourist season, it attracts the crowd in July and August. Meeting place as much as buying space...

  • Snow in Vallouise

    Snow in Vallouise

    Some photos and a series of a dozen virtual tours (virtual reality option) connected to each other in La Vallouise a day after a beautiful snowfall. From the entrance of the Vigneaux Valley to Pelvoux via Vallouise and hamlets Villard and Puy Aillaud, stroll through these images in high definition, interactive and 360 °.

  • White Glacier Hike

    White Glacier Hike

    The white glacier at the top of the beautiful Vallouise Pelvoux valley attracts many holidaymakers throughout the year. We offer you some images of the glacier, including a 360 ° virtual tour from Madame Carle meadow to the foot of the glacier, but also an interactive 360 ° video and of course plenty of photos.

  • Rental "Chez Sophie and Fred" in Vallouise Pelvoux

    Rental "Chez Sophie and Fred" in Vallouise Pelvoux

    A superb house awaits you for rent in the beautiful valley of La Vallouise. This house on several floors is located in Pelvoux, at 1300 meters of altitude south face, giving you a panoramic view more than 180 °. Some photos, a 360 ° virtual tour but also a video will not make you wrong in the choice of your holiday rental in the northern Hautes-Alpes.

  • Photographer

    French Riviera photographer

    The author of this modest blog Ovalp.com is a little self-promotion inviting you to visit his photographer website. I offer you photos in a wide range of areas.

  • Combe de Narreyroux Via Ferrata

    Combe de Narreyroux Via Ferrata

    A beautiful Via Ferrata called Narreyroux awaits you in the valley of Vallouise. This is a family run. We offer two videos, including an interactive 360 °, and a 360 ° virtual tour to get a glimpse of the ride.

  • Webmaster web agency

    Webmaster web agency

    A little self-promotion in favor of the author and webmaster of the blog Ovalp.com, Gilles Ehrentrant who writes the lines you are reading. I practice professionally the job of web integrator and offers you a little overview of the services that I can offer to enhance your presence on the web.

  • Pelvoux Via Ferrata

    Pelvoux Via Ferrata

    A Via Ferrata just outside Pelvoux (better known for its beautiful ski resort) towards Ailefroide which is worth a visit, overlooking the tumultuous Gyr torrent fed by several glaciers of the Ecrins National Park (White, Black, Violets, Sélé etc.)

  • Ibex of the Cerces (French Alps)

    Ibex of the Cerces (French Alps)

    The ibex des Cerces is observed either from Hautes Guisane, in Briançonnais country, or from the beautiful wild valley of Clarée (Névache). The animal, always placid, except during the period of rut, seems to come straight from prehistory and is easily approached. Which is not a reason to disturb him. Some tips, photos and a video of the big goat (Capra ibex).

  • Workshop Cartonelle Mont-Dauphin 05600

    Workshop Cartonelle French Alps

    Creation of single pieces or small series, furniture with rounded shapes, curved or not, as we do not find elsewhere. Magali Olivia creates tailor-made furniture, for a universe that looks like you: child's room or living room design, everything is possible!

  • Golden Eagle in the Ecrins massif (French Alps)

    Golden Eagle in the Ecrins massif (French Alps)

    The golden eagle often hangs over our heads without us taking the time to see it. Magnificent bird of prey, formidable aerial predator, the beautiful bird is observed in all seasons in the Ecrins massif and the Hautes-Alpes. Its large size distinguishes it from simple nozzles.

  • Le radeau : fabulous hamburgers

    Le Radeau à l’Argentière la Bessée

    Une gargote, petit snack, en rive droite de la Durance blottie entre le camping local et le stade d’eau vive. Classique, de premier abord. En réalité, non. Coline et Philippe vous accueillent avec gentillesse et sympathie. Une cuisine de qualité et des animations musicales qui méritent de s’y arrêter. Plus d’infos...

Town and village of the Hautes Alpes (05)

Abriès - Agnières-en-Dévoluy - Aiguilles - Ancelle - Antonaves - L'Argentière-la-Bessée - Arvieux - Aspremont - Aspres-lès-Corps - Aspres-sur-Buëch - Avançon - Baratier - Barcillonnette - Barret-sur-Méouge - La Bâtie-Montsaléon - La Bâtie-Neuve - La Bâtie-Vieille - La Beaume - Bénévent-et-Charbillac - Le Bersac - Bréziers - Briançon - Bruis - Buissard - Ceillac - Cervières - Chabestan - Chabottes - Champcella - Champoléon - Chanousse - La Chapelle-en-Valgaudémar - Château-Ville-Vieille - Châteauneuf-d'Oze - Châteauneuf-de-Chabre - Châteauroux-les-Alpes - Châteauvieux - Chauffayer - Chorges - La Cluse - Les Costes - Crévoux - Crots - Embrun - Éourres - L'Épine - Esparron - Espinasses - Étoile-Saint-Cyrice - Eygliers - Eyguians - La Fare-en-Champsaur - La Faurie - Forest-Saint-Julien - Fouillouse - Freissinières - La Freissinouse - Furmeyer - Gap - Le Glaizil - La Grave - Guillestre - La Haute-Beaume - Les Infournas - Jarjayes - Lagrand - Laragne-Montéglin - Lardier-et-Valença - Laye - Lazer - Lettret - Manteyer - Méreuil - Molines-en-Queyras - Monêtier-Allemont - Le Monêtier-les-Bains - Mont-Dauphin - Montbrand - Montclus - Montgardin - Montgenèvre - Montjay - Montmaur - Montmorin - Montrond - La Motte-en-Champsaur - Moydans - Neffes - Névache - Nossage-et-Bénévent - Le Noyer - Orcières - Orpierre - Les Orres - Oze - Pelleautier - Pelvoux - La Piarre - Le Poët - Poligny - Prunières - Puy-Sanières - Puy-Saint-André - Puy-Saint-Eusèbe - Puy-Saint-Pierre - Puy-Saint-Vincent - Rabou - Rambaud - Réallon - Remollon - Réotier - Ribeyret - Ribiers - Risoul - Ristolas - La Roche-de-Rame - La Roche-des-Arnauds - Rochebrune - La Rochette - Rosans - Rousset - Le Saix - Saléon - Salérans - La Salle les Alpes - La Saulce - Le Sauze-du-Lac - Savines-le-Lac - Savournon - Serres - Sigottier - Sigoyer - Sorbiers - Saint-André-d'Embrun - Saint-André-de-Rosans - Saint-Apollinaire - Saint-Auban-d'Oze - Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur - Saint-Chaffrey - Saint-Clément-sur-Durance - Saint-Crépin - Saint-Disdier - Saint-Étienne-en-Dévoluy - Saint-Étienne-le-Laus - Saint-Eusèbe-en-Champsaur - Saint-Firmin - Saint-Genis - Saint-Jacques-en-Valgodemard - Saint-Jean-Saint-Nicolas - Saint-Julien-en-Beauchêne - Saint-Julien-en-Champsaur - Saint-Laurent-du-Cros - Saint-Léger-les-Mélèzes - Saint-Martin-de-Queyrières - Saint-Maurice-en-Valgodemard - Saint-Michel-de-Chaillol - Saint-Pierre-Avez - Saint-Pierre-d'Argençon - Saint-Sauveur - Saint-Véran - Sainte-Colombe - Sainte-Marie - Tallard - Théus - Trescléoux - Upaix - Val-des-Prés - Vallouise - Valserres - Vars - Ventavon - Veynes - Les Vigneaux - Villar-d'Arêne - Villar-Loubière - Villar-Saint-Pancrace - Vitrolles

Communauty of town and/or village in the Hautes Alpes (05)

Communauté de communes du Briançonnais (Briançon), de l'Embrunais (Embrun), du Pays des Écrins (L'Argentière-la-Bessée), de Tallard - Barcillonnette (Tallard), de la vallée de l'Avance (La Bâtie-Neuve), des Deux Buëch (Veynes), du Laragnais (Lazer), du Guillestrois (Guillestre), du Champsaur (Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur), de l'Escarton du Queyras (Aiguilles), du Serrois (Serres), interdépartementale des Baronnies (Lagrand), du Haut Champsaur (Saint-Jean-Saint-Nicolas), du canton de Ribiers Val de Méouge (Ribiers),  Savinois - Serre Ponçon (Savines-le-Lac), du Haut Buëch (Aspres-sur-Buëch), du Pays de Serre Ponçon (Espinasses), du Valgaudémar (Saint-Firmin), de la Vallée de l'Oule (Bruis).