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Press review mountain and Hautes Alpes

Some articles on different topics that seem interesting démogaphy in the Ecrins, Hautes Alpes between Dauphiné and Provence, road accident in the Hautes Alpes in 2013, the Barre des Ecrins celebrates 150 years!

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    What future for the Ecrins?

    During the past 15 years, the number of inhabitants has increased steadily. However, between 2009 and 2010, the population growth of the Pays des Ecrins really stalled at 0.2%, against 1.0% more per year over the last decade is four times less than the department (+0.8%). What are the reasons for this change? economic or social policies?

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    The Hautes-Alpes waivers

    Published in the Dauphiné Libéré this article focuses on the positioning of the Hautes Alps region. Indeed, under the proposed reorganization of possible areas where the Hautes Alpes is thorny. Should we refer to its history and in this case relate to the department in the Rhône-Alpes region or let in the PACA region where geographic boundaries are less marked. A dilemma for many elected officials whose opinions differ.

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    Decline in road deaths 05

    After a disastrous 2012 with 20 fatalities year 2013 fell by nearly 33% with 13 people still unfortunately too. Always the same explosive cocktail Alcohol and speed, which causes many accidents. To remedy this 2014 will be a pivotal year in the development of actions against road crime.

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    150 years of the rise of the Barre des Ecrins

    Tourism office of Vallouise prepares 150th anniversary of the ascension of the Barre des Ecrins. This new project will be held during the three months of summer. Program many animations, slideshows, replenishment period of the ascent, tales clothes, stories set to music ... The agency hopes to unite all business functions and population. Another challenge to share and participate tourists at this time of history of the valley of the valley

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