Press review infos

Press review infos

A selection of articles to read: Chinese factories pollute their American clients, women's rights in Morocco, Mediterranean hyphenated peoples, internet new Stasi (secret police of East German communist regime), preserve the species human through the waist, Internet rumor peddler.

  • Polution Chine / Usa

    China invades the U.S. by air.

    This article published in Les Echos January 21, 2014 the problem of exponential economic development of China. Between 2000 and 2007, Chinese exports increased by nearly 400% resulting in an increase in pollution. This development towards a market economy has a sudden pollution emitted by all Chinese factories now crosses the Pacific Ocean and affects all cities of the American West. Note however that the wrongs are shared because they are European and American consumers of consumer goods (televisions, mobile phones ...) which led to the economic development of China.

  • Maroc et progrès

    Morocco on the path of women's rights

    January 22 Libération published an article on the end of impunity for rapists who married their victims to escape the prison. The entire Moroccan political class ended this heresy by adopting an amendment to the penal code unanimously. It will be necessary to wait the suicide of a young Moroccan forced to marry her rapist in 2012, having raised a stir even beyond the country's borders to advance the Moroccan political class for women.

  • histoire Méditerranéenne

    Launch of a common Mediterranean history textbook

    Laura Guein freelance journalist published on the website January 24 an article on the launch of the new common manual Mediterranean history, for teachers in Marseille late 2013. This manual is unique to group 15 authors from across the Mediterranean. The purpose of this unpublished work is to try to eradicate prejudices in tracing the history of the Mediterranean from prehistory to the present day. Filling gaps of each other, it may be be possible to slow the rise of racism and extreme.

  • Anonymat sur internet

    The end of anonymity on the internet

    This article by Boris Manenti Nouvel Obs, demonstrates that it is now quite impossible to remain anonymous on the internet. Whatever is done on the web, we are constantly spied on by the major players in the net Facebook, Google, sites e-shops that track your every move for commercial purposes. The internet can also be a particularly favored by government espionage organization tool (see the case snowden and NSA).
    The question is can you live without anonymity?

  • Rétrécir les humains

    The story of the artist who wanted to shrink the human

    Barbara Krief Rue89 journalist, tells the story of Arne Hendricks Dutch artist who wants to shrink men to preserve the human species. To do this, he studied the peoples of small (pygmy and Chinese) doing research on dwarfism. Arne surrounds chemists and researchers specializing for his project "The Incredible Shrinking Man." He works on a natural elixir to reduce the production of hormones responsible for the growth. And if the survival of the human race passed through its decreasing?

  • Rumeurs sur internet

    Gender theory in schools: How Facebook and SMS to bleach the rumor.

    The case of gender theory taught in schools demonstrates the dangers of large-scale propagation of erroneous information through social networks and the web. In this case, the rumor is almost impossible to stop, especially since people do not take the time to verify the origin of the information beforerelaying it. the adage so many people talk about is that this is true has the protagonists of this rumor of a successful bet.

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