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To be informed, to keep abreast of what is happening around you out of curiosity or interest. Find ideas, take an interest in others and their environment. We offer you a list of blogs, personal pages, high alpine social networking accounts, which occasionally deserve a little detour. A small list also more traditional local media and information flows available on the internet.

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We recommend, of course, to come regularly to browse our blog but also to visit the blogs listed below on this page. You will discover different angles of what the local press, held by the newspaper, proposes. These are often passionate about the territory that highlight it through all kinds of themes (heritage, nature, hiking, human, sport ...).
Text content, images, videos enrich the web without which it would be only a commercial space. The GAFA (Google, Amazon etc ... major of the web) are not mistaken not so much the content they serve as support. Modern webmarketing excels in expertise and calls it "content marketing" (Shakespeare's language marketing).
Texts and multimedia content must be really new, original and associated multimedia illustrations. The poverty of the web lies in repetitive copying and pasting, short texts, aggregators of various contents, symptomatic of a certain apathy. Content creation requires a certain amount of passion and takes time to be produced, realized, and put online, but you will be able to discover interesting discoveries ...

If you have any suggestions for additions, do not hesitate to let us know. We made the choice to present only "non-commercial" and "non-militant" blogs , somehow not having, directly, much to sell. For commercial or other activities do not hesitate to request an inscription in the section good addresses of

Hautes Alpes Blogs

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Here is a list of some quality blogs about Hautes Alpes   :

The press of the Hautes Alpes

Medias Hautes Alpes

The flow of information on the web

Hautes Alpes web flow

The Google News feed aggregates news from the press about the Hautes Alpes here.
The French search engine Qwant, alternative and promising a real protection of your privacy : Hautes Alpes news.

An aggregator, among many others, of social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flirck, Google Plus) on the #hashtag hautesalpes

The feeds by keywords directly via social networks, posting by relevance and not by date, the #hautesalpes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

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