Isola 2000

Here are some pictures of the Isola 2000 ski resort . This resort is located about 1h15 by car from Nice. It is probablyone of the best snow-covered resort in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Skiing nea of the sea

The depressions of the Gulf of Genova heavily snow the station on the Italian border (3 km via the Lombarde pass). The very good equipment in snow canons and the altitude (altitude = cold = productive snow cannon) ensures a very good ski. A snow park allows surfing fans to have fun. Numerous events take place every year: ski competitions, ice car races (Trophée Andros) etc ... all kinds of shops are available on site: six hotels, twenty restaurants, real estate agencies, rentals etc ...


Isola 2000 Pano 1
Isola 2000 Pano 2

Isola 2000 few numbers

Isola 2000 1
Isola 2000 10
Isola 2000 11
Isola 2000 12
Isola 2000 2
Isola 2000 3
Isola 2000 4
Isola 2000 5
Isola 2000 6
Isola 2000 7
Isola 2000 8
Isola 2000 9

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