Hiking at the lakes Miroir and Sainte Anne

A beautiful loop starting from the Melezet (1692m) to the mirror lake (2215m) and then to Lake Sainte Anne (2407m) will offer you varied and wild landscapes alternating under woods and alpine pastures. It is possible to bivouac at the first lake taking care to protect from the cold and the ... mosquitoes in the late summer.

Hiking in the Queyras at the lakes Mirror and Saint Anne

Lac Miroir

An idyllic walk that begins in a beautiful forest of larches along the waterfall of the Piss to reach 500 meters higher at the first lake, called lake Miroir or pre Soubeyrand meadow (meadow superior, altitude). A picnic or bivouac halt is offered to you according to your desires and departure times. The place is quiet, overlooked by rocky peaks, snowy until mid-summer, which are reflected in the water. Freed horses, or almost, often graze around the lake.
The walk continues in a slight climb towards Lake Sainte Anne with its turquoise waters, just under 300 meters higher. A chapel overlooks the lake and hosts a procession every year ... at Saint Anne, July 26th. The lake crosses the famous GR5 Hiking Trail from the Vosges to Nice, as well as the Via Alpina which runs through the Alpine Arch

The descent can be made directly to the bottom of valley to the Pres of Chaurionde, return then the departure of the hike on foot or in stop!

Lakes Miroir et Sainte Anne photos

Lac Miroir 1
Lac Miroir 10
Lac Miroir 2
Lac Miroir 3
Lac Miroir 5
Lac Miroir 6
Lac Miroir 3
Lac Miroir 7
Lac Miroir 8
Lac Saint Anne 1
Lac Saint Anne 2
Lac Saint Anne 4

Panorama lake Sainte Anne

Pano Lac Saint Anne 1
Pano Lac Saint Anne 2

Lake Miroir video


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