African walk in Briançon

Abou Fall, a Senegalese storyteller and musician paid tribute to Sédar Senghor in the alleys of the Vauban city on 17 June 2017. This public event organized by the municipal library was a nice moment.

Musical walk

Sédar Senghor, a poet, a writer but also a French politician, then a Senegalese, after independence, served as a guide for the storyteller during this pilgrimage.

Abou Fall, with talent, took us, through his voice and the sound of his instruments, into the universe of Senghor.
From the Aristide Albert garden, to the surroundings of the Collegiate Church, through the center of contemporary art, the enthusiastic and participative public accompanied the artist, singing, to the rhythm of a stroll along the small and big gargoyles .

The rhythm and the words rock this summer evening for the greatest pleasure of the spectators.

Abou Fall


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