"Culture first appears to us as knowledge of what has made man other than an accident of the universe."

"Culture is like jam: the less you have, the more you spread it. "

"Mass society does not want culture but leisure."
Hannah Arendt

This selection of articles offers you all kinds of subjects related to the culture, the knowledge and the artistic universe: concert, spectacle, architecture, exhibition, museums etc ...


Vallouise Church
The Great Vallouise Festival
Le radeau : fabulous hamburgers
Abbey of Boscodon
Museo d'arte orientale
« Sonita » Film
Freinet days in Vallouise
Altitude Jazz Festival
Altitude Jazz Festival 2018
Fartfeulu show at Vallouise Pelvoux (French Alps)
"Homo Deus", a brief history of future by Yuval Noah Harari
"Sapiens a brief history of humanity" by Yuval Noah Harari
Resistance to the Maquis de Beassac and Célestin Freinet
"Razzia" film by Nabil Ayouch
Visiting Rome
Pinagot : sensory perceptions in the service of history
Chapel "Le Corbusier"
Three books of crise
Egyptian Museum Turin