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Ideas of travel through narratives, books, good plans, various and varied advice.


Walking in the mountains, in the countryside or along the shores. We invite you to discover magical and friendly places to walk.


Enriched with beautiful readings, various visits, views, museums...
Alpes Maritimes France

Alpes Maritimes France

The Alps dives into the Mediterranean Sea. Village and culture in a breathtaking natural setting: Vive la Dolce Vita


Walks in the sky. Heads in the air. With or without motor.
Hautes Alpes France

Hautes Alpes France

Nature in all its splendor. Summits that project into a crystalline blue sky and limpid.


Art, Culture and Knowledge

"Culture is not inherited, it is conquered."
André Malraux

Jazz in Briançon

A great and fantastic Jazz festival in the Hautes Alpes in and around Briançon

 Jazz 05

Keywords: Briançon, Jazz

UTL Briancon France

Very interesting trainings and conferences !


Keywords: conferences, trainings, Briançon

Theatre à Gap

Eclectic and fun programming

Keywords: Theatre, Gap

Cinema at Briançon

A very pleasant cinema, with fairly regular movies in the premises of the MJC of Briançon:

An association of dynamic and enthusiastic moviegoers with, for example, thematic evenings (screenings of two films interspersed with a small meal in connection with films: Danish, Malagasy etc ...):

Cinoch Briançon

Mots clés: Briançon, Cinéma

Briançon library

A small library at the foot of the gargoyle of the city Vauban, intimate and warm. A floor that cracks, beautiful books and documents of all kinds, CDs, DVDs, comics, magazines etc .... Librarians competent and available. A nice blog to browse and read, well written and rich in suggestions of all kinds often more attractive than each other. Cultural events (concerts, conferences, comic strips, literary meetings, coffee philo etc ...) very nice, that many natives would like even more!

Keywords: Library

Theater Briançon

A beautiful annual program: plays, concerts, in and outside the walls. Dynamism and daring in programming. A beautiful room, with a balcony, as well as a bar and a team of enthusiasts in the service of culture.

Keywords: Spectacles

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